Bing Rewards Review: Get Paid to Search the Web?

bing rewardsHow would you like to get a free prize or two every once in a while just for searching the web?…

I know the concept of earning free points and rewards with no surveys is hard to imagine these days, but Bing Rewards is a program started by Microsoft that will give you free stuff just for using their search engine.

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Although they do face a huge competition from the other famous “paid to search” site, Swagbucks.

In this review we’re going to take a look at this program, how it works and how you can use it to get free stuff.

What is Bing Rewards?

If you thought getting rewarded through the Internet is only by buying some products online, you are in for a surprise! Microsoft has a program in place that rewards users on using their search engine, Bing.

Users are awarded for carrying their searches on the web, occasionally playing the Bing It, a web game, and from time to time for doing simple things like downloading the latest editions of the Internet explorer or on connecting Bing Rewards to Facebook.

Yes, you don’t need to buy anything and there is no hidden fee either.

How to Participate?

You get two options for participating:

  1. You may do so via the web on Bing by completing the suggested process of registration. After you sign up, you’ll be able to see your credit points in the credit counter for rewards, located on the top right of the header.
  2. The other way is to download the Bing bar, and earn points. The points earned by you are displayed on the rewards credit counter.

Earning Points with Bing Rewards

The easiest way to earn your points is by patronizing the Bing search engine for conducting your usual searches on the web. For every two searches you are rewarded one point. The maximum number of points you may earn during one day is restricted to fifteen.

And, as you would have expected, you also earn rewards on referring your friends. You get 200 points if any of friends joins to participate in their program.

Moreover, you’ll find Bing offering daily rewards to help you earn additional points. Daily offers are easy to complete and enables you to get some extra points.

Status Levels

The rewards provided are in direct proportion to the amount of time you spend there and your level.

Currently there are 3 levels:

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  1. Member
  2. Silver
  3. Gold

and your status/level keeps changing with time.

In the beginning, every member gets the status of “member” before being awarded the status of a Silver and finally Gold member.

Gold members are free to redeem the same rewards even with fewer points. For example, an Amazon Gift card worth $3 would require redeeming of 340 points for a member but a gold member could get the same on redeeming 330 points.

Gold members are also allowed to earn more than other members. Though members can earn a maximum of fifteen points in one day, the limit for gold members is enhanced to twenty.

What Kind of Prizes Can You Get?

At present you can exchange points for gift cards, donations and lotteries. Presently, you can claim one gift card worth three dollars against 340 points. Well, the amount is not big but nobody would mind earning an extra buck simply for being online.

On having earned sufficient number of points, just click Redeem and decide your reward and finish the checkout procedure.

Rewards are sent to the email address you provided while confirming your order. Usually, it takes less than 24 hours for the award to reach the winner except when it needs further review. Make sure that the order is in line with the terms of use.

Best Practices

In case you are required to spend substantial time on the Internet and are not really particular about the search engine to be employed, you’ll certainly find Bing beneficial.

One activity that allows you to earn maximum points for using Bing is to make use of the image search function along with the “related searches” list.

You can start the process rolling by searching for a random string. Follow this by clicking on new “related searches” on your left side. It hardly takes a couple of minutes before you are rewarded your points for the day.

How to Get Started?

You’ll need a Microsoft account (Hotmail, MSN, etc). If don’t have an account with Microsoft, you’ll need to create one.

You may even start earning with your Facebook account (i.e. Using it to sign up), should you already have one. However, in that case Bing will get access to some data available on your Facebook account, which some people may not be comfortable with that. If you are one of them, then use a Microsoft account instead of Facebook.

Once you have registered, you can start searching and earning points that can be redeemed for all kinds of prizes.

Is Bing Rewards worth it?

I think by regularly spending a couple of minutes every day, it should not be difficult for you to earn one Amazon gift card worth $5 every once in a while.

I mean, if you do a lot of searches online anyway, you really have nothing to lose. Do your searches the same way you would do any other day, but from now on, instead of using Google or other search engines, use Bing so you can earn rewards. Simple as that!

Here is the link if you like to give it a try: Bing rewards Sign Up

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    Hi, thank you for awesome post. I would like to when bing reward will be opened to worldwide members. Yet i didn’t see any changes so far from bing reward. Hmm…finger crossed.

    Thank you for your awesome clean post. God bless

    • Satrap says

      I too hope Bing will open up their BingRewards program to international users as well.

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