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Your Valuable $2.32 Pocket Change Is worth $707.25!

If you're someone who finds themselves with change on hand often, whether you're putting it in a piggy bank or leaving on your nightstand, you might want to take a closer look at them; some of your pocket change could be worth more than you think! A coin doesn't need to be 100 years old to be ... Read More


17 Ways to Make Money in Retirement Without a Full-time Job

Retirement is something of a catch-22 in our modern economic climate. On one hand, it's the freedom from the grind that we all dream of during our working years. On the other hand, now you're made to survive on a fixed income, which limits you somewhat from that unrestrained freedom. Due to ... Read More


Earn $13,000 by Selling Your Poop for science

I imagine that the title of this post seems a little crude, or perhaps a little silly. It isn't quite as silly as it sounds, though - we sell our body for variety of reasons. We sell our blood, our sperm, our plasma and our eggs, so why not our poop? As it turns out, there is a medical value ... Read More


Save a Ton of Cash by Following These 10 Companies on Twitter

Social media-- the very phrase conjures up a million different ideas. It might be the way that you like to kill time, it might be the way that you manage your business, or it might even be a significant part of your daily routine. But how about using social media sites like Twitter to save money? ... Read More


The Best Site to Sell Your Used Movies for the Most Cash

As we go forward into a future where digital media is the definitive form for our movies and music, a lot of us are left with a lot of spare DVDs and blu-rays. Even if you buy blu-rays to support products that you care about, sometimes we have too many to keep around! For those who have an ... Read More